Sony: Fonts for PRS+

New fonts using ’normal‘ PRS+‘

Changing the fonts in EBooks (file type: EPUB) is most wanted by users. PRS+ makes it possible but it’s not self-explaining. Up to now with ’normal‘ PRS+ you are not able to change fonts out of the box. Tons of information can be found above all in the MobileRead-forum.
This gap close files below. They give you a quick start without any knowledge necessary.

For each font three different font-sizes are included. Font sizes are chosen to get intermediate font-sizes between Sony’s rather rough increments. So you’ll have 3 not just 1 step between S and M (and of course M and L…).
S is too small, M is too large? Knowing that problem? Choose another CSS-file over PRS+ settings on your reader.
Want other fonts? Just ask in MobileRead forum. Whom to ask? Watch out for the user ‚Analogus‚. That’s me.
One more word: the formatting the CSS-files does with eBooks reflects my personal taste. Margins are removed if possible and text in most cases will be left aligned. If you don’t like it – toss it. How? Simple delete the three CSS-files and the fonts.

New fonts using ZORK-Edition

There are several pre-installed fonts included into ZORK-Edition. Because you are able to fine-tweak font sizes, margins, … you have to use different CSS-files than those included into the packages available on this page. Have a look into the folder \database\system\PRSPlus\epub\ on your reader. After installing ZORK you’ll find several CSS-files there. For example ‚CharisSIL.CSS‚. Open one of this files and have a look how the CSS-code is organized. Take it as a blueprint and make your own files.

In other words:

You can use font packages on this page, but you have to alter the CSS-filess inside the pacakges. Throw awy all three CSS-files and make your own file which you have to copy into \database\system\PRSPlus\epub\.

In future packages for ’normal‘ PRS+ and for the ZORK-Editionwill be available.

Readymade font packages for EPUB-files using ’normal‘ PRS+ (fonts & CSS-files)



Often recommended but as well sometimes disliked. Very readable serif-font. Clear even on small displays and not as ‚technical‘ than Caecilia or LexiaDaMa

Designed for small screens and used in Android systems. It’s slightly condensed (squashed horizontally) to bring more text onto the screen. Good for smaller Ereaders e.g. PRS350.

Very similar Caecilia and often recommended. Caecilia (not free of charge but my personal recommendation) is the main-font in Kindle readers. It is regarded as ’semi serif‘. Rather ‚cold‘, ’straight‘ and ‚technical‘ look, but therefor displays perfect on digital (pixel)screens.

Serif font. Nothing special but nevertheless good readability. Calm and smooth with very good contrast (dark). Appropriate for small font sizes.

A sans-serif font and somehow distinct. Not my taste. If you like Verdana or Arial, give it a try.

Serif font designed to be used at small sizes. Large it looks quite ornate.

Serif font.

Special design (bolder; inoff. altered) for more contrast. Used obviously by a couple of users. But as with other software-‚blown up‘-fonts glitches cannot be excluded. Problems (white pages) with the bold variant in epub-files at least on the PRS350 observed.
Nimbus mod.

User-modification (bolder, darker) of Nimbus-font for Eink-readers. Very good recommendations from users on MobileRead. Some minor glitches (have. e.g. a closer look at the italic ‚p‘ or bold ‚k‘).

Want to read Chinese eBooks? Just reading ‚????????‘ instead of Chinese fonts? Try this package. Normal western fonts are of course included.


Readymade font package for for TXT, RTF & LRF

Using ZORK-Edition

Fonts above just alter EPUB-files, the most used filetype for Ebooks in Sony-readers. Viewing TXT-files, RTF-files or LRF-files needs another kind of trick. For the PRS 350 there exists an easy way: Install ZORK-Edition to change fonts via menu.

Using ’normal‘ PRS+

For ’normal‘ PRS+ use this package:
(for TXT, LRF, RTF)

Installing the new fonts for ’normal‘ PRS+

You can install all font-packages at the same time. No problem. Choose your favorite over PRS+ options.

Installing: Open the ZIP-file and copy both folders onto your reader on the main-drive (no special subfolder). Click ‚YES‘ and ‚YES‘ and … when asked if you want to override files and/or folders. Normally nothing should be deleted or overwritten, just added (one folder with fonts and three CSS-files). Just at the right place. No restart necessary.

In case of altering the font for LRF, TXT & RTF will be overwritten. If you don’t know what that means, don’t bother. If you have altered this file (for whatever reason) you will know what to do… You have to restart the reader to activate the new font.


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