Kindle: Paperwhite & Touch

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Fonts for Kindle Touch & Kindle Paperwhite

Installing fonts

Tested with Kindle Paperwhite.

Installing this fonts on a Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Touch is very simple. You do not need any jailbreak or other additional work around. Just copy the content of the ZIP-file onto your reader when connected with the computer. Overwrite files if asked. Restart the reader!

Installing Fonts on Kindle Paperwhite

The file USE_ALT_FONTS activates your fonts in the (new) folder ‚fonts‘ you just copied onto your reader. It activates a couple of other fonts hiddn on your reader. It’s not possible to hide this fonts.

Deinstalling new fonts

Deinstalling is as simple as installing fonts. Delete fonts you want to get rid of from the folder ‚fonts‘ on your reader. Restart your reader!

Want to remove all of them to restore the original state? Delete the folder ‚fonts‘ and the file ‚USE_ALT_FONTS ‚. Restart your reader!


Often recommended but as well sometimes disliked. Very readable serif-font. Clear even on small displays and not as ‚technical‘ than Caecilia.

Serif font. Nothing special but nevertheless good readability. Calm and smooth with very good contrast (dark). Appropriate for small font sizes.

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