SONY: PRS x50 – The ZORK Edition


PRS 350 ‘ZORK-Edition‘

Date: 2012.11.06; PRS-Rev.: 154; ZORK-Rev.: —
Tested personal version

Give feedback in MobileRead-forum or here on this website if you suffer problems, have special wishes, suggestions or just want to evaluate this release.

PRS 350 ‘ZORK-C-Edition
Version additionally including chess
Date: 2012.10.07; PRS-Rev.: 133; ZORK-Rev.: 107
Currently unavailable

PRS 650 ‘ZORK-Edition‘

Date: 2012.11.06; PRS-Rev.: 154; ZORK-Rev.: —
Currently unavailable

PRS 650 ‘ZORK-C-Edition‘

Version additionally including chess
Date: 2012.11.08; PRS-Rev.: 154; ZORK-Rev.: —

This version for PRS650 is untested! Please give feedback whether it is running or not.

If problems occur reinstall the old tested version:
Date: 2012.06.15; PRS-Rev.: 99; ZORK-Rev.: 104

Screenshots from ZORK-Edition (PRS 350)

Completely New Icons

Additional Options

New Formatting Overlay

Enhanced Formattings for EPUBS

Enhanced Formattings in Options

Chess and ZORK (Interactive Fiction) in ‚More‘

Enhanced Brightness and Contrast Overlay


If anything goes wrong, if you have suggestions, questions or just something to comment don’t hesitate to do so at the end of the thread in the MobileRead-forum or in the local ZORK-forum.

1) If you have never installed PRS+:

Download the official release from the developer site first. Install it!

Go to point (2) below.

2) If you have installed PRS+ and/or ZORK at least once:

Navigate into the folder CSS on your reader. Delete the file named ‘extern.css‘. If you do not have such file or folder forget this point.

If you have edited this file, you will know what to do: make a backup and compare your file with the new one after installing ZORK.

In any case:

Download the installer-file fitting to your Sony reader model from this site.

Extract the zip-file somewhere on your computer. Copy the folder named ‘PRSPInstaller‘ onto your reader (no special subfolder, just on the drive itself). Restart your reader completely.


The ‘PRSPInstaller‘-folder will automatically be deleted on a second restart of your reader.

Uninstalling ZORK or PRS+

To revert to an older version of PRS+ or ZORK you just need to install the version you want.

For complete remove of PRS+ or ZORK (for example in case of selling your reader) you could use the unistaller from the developer site.

PRS350 uninstaller

PRS650 uninstaller

Differences against ‘normal’ PRS+ (including my own marginal contributions):

  • Newest functions of the ongoing developing process of PRS+. Have a look there
  • Completely different icons for the home page and mostly different icons for dialogues and options.
  • Missing large icons on the home menu (authors, calculator, collections, history, CLI, …)
  • Shorter messages for German language
  • No games except ZORK 1-3 (start via Interactive Fiction)
  • Numbers instead of XS, S, …XXL for font sizes in the font size dialog (I regard numbers to be more straight and clear)
  • Added CLI (command line interface) to the list of applications
  • Closing dialogues (e.g. font size, searching, tone-curve) with a single tap (much easier than aiming on the small ‘x’); thanks to quisvir)
  • Better tone-curve-editor: broader sliders for easy fingering
  • Navigating with tapping onto the black bar at the top of the page (much easier than aiming on the small icon)
  • Resetting/Storing/Restoring settings of PRS+:Search for this function in PRS-options.
  • Easy changing system-fonts for TXT, LRF, RTF:You will find this options in PRS-options.There are 2 already pre-installed fonts:CharisSIL; LexiaDaMa and of course the original SONY-settings. 2 places are prepared to use your own fonts.
  • Saving of System Cache.Ever have had problems with vanished notes, markups or reading progress? Make a backup to have a second chance!
  • Toggle battery-symbol. What for? I don’t want to be remembered that there is a battery while reading. It’s an eReader and not the cockpit of a Learjet.
  • Change font size (fine grained), alignment, line height, fonts, margins, indent & rotation over the redesigned Font-Size-Overlay for EPUB’s.This new formatting will not work in every eBook out of the box. But you easily can solve that by editing the CSS-tag-file (CSSextern.css). Write additional CSS-tags in the appropriate line and activate the formatting once more over options. Don’t hesitate to ask in MobileRead-Forum if you suffer troubles or need advice.
  • Option to change the font of the reader-interface. Two additional fonts preinstalled.
  • Partly rearranged PRS+-options for better orientation in option-menu. Partly more clear dialogues.
  • Quick toggle between your book reading and a free selectable dictionary/book.What for? Missing a dictionary? This option can help. It’s NOT the possibility to add new dic’s. Its more an option to toggle fast between two books.Copy your dictionary or book into the folder ‘/Books‘ on your reader and name it DIC.pdf or DIC.epub (with the newest version for 350 you can choose between 6 different files – help text in options will assist you). Choose the right file extension over PRS-options (Additional Options –> Path to Dictionary). Now assign an action (‘Switch Dictionary‘) to a button or Tap-Action.
    (Basic function from TERISA. Thanks.)
  • Ready-made-font-packages (CharisSil, Vollkorn, DroidSans, …) for EPUBs to make ZORK-Edition working out of the box.
  • User definable default page-layout. Useful esp. in combination with removing page-margins.


I regard games on an eReader as misplaced. Except ZORK. It’s a very old classical text-based game. As with books you read it forces you to turn on your imagination.

How to play ZORK:

  • Open Interactive Fiction (in ‘MORE’)
  • Have a look there or read the ZORK-manual


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